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What To Do If Your Woman Is Faking Orgasms?

Updated on Friday, November 25, 2011, 10:40
What To Do If Your Woman Is Faking Orgasms?It is a fact that some women experience difficulties reaching orgasm. Many feel embarrassed, especially because nowadays there is so much talk of female orgasms and multiple orgasms.

Why do women fake orgasms?

Women who have troubles having orgasms think they are “weird”. They often hide their anorgasmia from their partner, either because they believe something is wrong with them or because they don’t want to hurt him. Everyone is familiar with the stories about a man’s ego. It is so fragile… Even a loving partner may understand his inability to satisfy his partner as a “humiliation”. But no need to worry- he will soon consider it a challenge and will experience a sincere desire to satisfy his lover. So dear ladies, don’t fake orgasms!
“She has been faking orgasms for years!”

We often hear a woman saying that she’s never experienced an orgasm in the long years of her relationship and that she’s managed to fool her partner completely by faking orgasms. When women reveal such facts men feel deceived. They can’t understand their partner, who probably did it out of love or was afraid and had no intention of being disrespectful. Of course, we don’t support pretense, especially in an intimate love relationship, which should be based on honesty. But we advise all men who have to face the cruel reality of faked orgasms not to fall into the trap of wounded pride. You should remember that women are often completely content with other “phases” of sexual intercourse: kissing, foreplay and cuddling. So the fact that they don’t have an orgasm every time doesn’t present such a problem and they sometimes fake it only to satisfy their partners.
What to do next?

So if your woman faked orgasms you have no good reason to leave her. What you should do is to love her even more and help her experience a true orgasm. Ignore the pressure- sex isn’t a wild race to the top. The more you expect to have an orgasm, the harder it is to achieve it. If there is no other way, you can help her find a therapist. But above all, don’t be suspicious because she faked orgasms. She is undoubtedly honest when it comes to other things. And try to overcome your hurt pride. Loving her will make you happier than restoring your pride by leaving her.


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